Surgery Details
In Direct / Transblepharoplsty Brow Lift


  • The ENDOTINE TransBleph allows the surgeon to perform a browlift through a single, upper lid incision used for a conventional blepharoplasty. Using the multipoint soft tissue fixation technology—via a small, three tined bioabsorbable implant—your sugeoon has  new opportunities to help your patients regain a youthful, beautiful appearance around the eyes, without undergoing a complete forehead lift.
A diagram illustrating the in-direct brow lift procedure. The image shows the surgical technique with labels indicating the incision points and the direction of tissue elevation. Illustration of a transbleph brow lift procedure showing surgical incisions and techniques for brow elevation.

How it works

  • The ENDOTINE is placed underneath the brow and anchored directly to the underlying bone for secure brow elevation, with minimal subperiosteal dissection required.
  • The surgeon can now achieve the combined aim of removing upper eyelid skin and repositioning of the brow in a single surgical session.  No endoscope required.
  • By utilizing the upper blepharoplasty incision for access, the ENDOTINE TransBleph helps simplify the browlift procedure. No expensive endoscopic equipment is required meaning fewer instruments to set up, process and maintain.



The ENDOTINE TransBleph is the best of both worlds for rejuvenation surgeries: the pioneering fixation of Coapt multipoint, bioabsorbable implants, and the ability to perform two effective procedures through a single
incision—without the need of general anesthesia or expensive equipment.

A hand holding a translucent object
Chart showing the process of In-Direct Brow Lift

Ideal Candidatess

Your upper bleph patients with mild to moderate brow ptosis who are reluctant to undergo a conventional full forehead lift could now become surgical candidates with this less invasive procedure.

Image depicting an Endotine device used in direct brow lift procedure